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Receive Ordination through NC College of Theology


The Key to Beginning Your Own Ministry

We welcome the opportunity to extend an invitation for you to receive ordination through the North Carolina College of Theology. NCCT’s main purpose is to help spread the Gospel by offering, not only quality education and credit for life-earned experience, but the opportunity for men and women who know the call of God upon their life to receive ORDINATION for ministry. We provide this service to the Christian community with all sincerity. We believe that ordination is a decision that will transform your life and bring deep personal satisfaction and purpose before God. As an ordained minister, you receive full legal authority to perform all Christian services, whether that would be to start a church, pioneer a special ministry, or enjoy all of the latitude afforded to other mainstream clergy.

Upon receiving ordination by NCCT, you are free to carry on your Christian ministry as you believe God directs you. We authorize you to perform all Christian religious services, including the rites of baptism and marriage. You are further authorized to utilize a formal title of your call and service, with entitlement to the respect and consideration that is customarily given to ministers of religious organizations. As ordained clergy, you will find that many new opportunities will open before you. In the United States and many foreign countries, you have the opportunity to perform legal wedding ceremonies, should you choose to do so. One who specializes in this area is known as a “wedding minister”. Whether you perform wedding ceremonies in full-time capacity or simply as an addition to your ministry, this privilege opens to you the chance to earn extra money to support the ministry to which God has called you.

NCCT is a Christian, non-denominational ministry that has been in existence since 2000. We have ordained individuals in many states, we have over 35 active Satellite Schools in our Extension Program, and over 2,600 have attended graduation. We offer ordination to anyone of legal age and scriptural qualification. Because we believe that when you request ordination, you are sincere and that God has spoken to your heart in a most personal way, ordination through NCCT is a life-time ordination…(with the exception of extreme circumstance of one moving completely outside the realm of God’s Word). NCCT does not ask for dues or renewal fees each year in order to maintain ordination.

2015 Graduation Photos

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